Sunday, August 26, 2012

PowerShell v3 Cmdlet: Get-CourseraVideos

For those who haven't been through any of Coursera's free online courses, I cannot recommend them highly enough. For a while now, I've been wanting to download all of a classes videos to disk. Doing this manually is a huge pain, however. Rather, I wrote a PowerShell v3 script to automate this process. With the introduction of the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet, PowerShell v3 is perfectly suited for this task.

Please note that you may be violating the Coursera terms of service as of (effective as of 10 April, 2012) by using this script. Otherwise, enjoy and happy learning!


  1. great idea... but doesn't work in 2013... hmmm...

    assistant smurf

    1. You would be correct. 2013 would be the year this stopped working. I wasn't planning on running on the hamster wheel updating the script every time Coursera made a change to their site with the intent of stopping automated download scripts like this one.

      Perhaps you could hop on the hampster wheel and maintain a script? hmmm...

  2. I am one of worst hamster whell programmer and badest coder ever... sorry for that...

    but I found another solution for the problem... FF-plugin... multilinks... ;-)